Wedding La Selva Giardino Belvedere | M + T

I’m so excited to start my 2017 wedding season blog with this beautiful couple;
I know, this story will be a bit longer than usual; but I want to tell something through these images.
I’m a Wedding Destination Photographer, I live in Tuscany and I have some years of experience, but one of the most beautiful things about this job, is that you always discover something new!
This time I discovered a beautiful Villa in the heart of the Tuscan countryside with an amphitheater hidden deep in the woods.
This preview starts with more than 250 pics and I had to make some cuts, but it was very difficult to decide what, especially because from the getting ready to the ceremony or the party every guest had a role and everybody did something for the couple;

I would love to show the personal portraits of every guest, parent, child and more, but this is not something that matched the Internet rules…
I loved the atmosphere of this wedding, I loved the perfect harmony between the Groom and the Bride, I loved every detail of this Wedding.
Mel and Tim, this is not only a preview, but is my heartfelt thanks for the time we spent together!
Other thanks to:
Venue http://www.chianti-farm.com/
Celebrant Staff from http://www.tuscanpledges.com, this time the celebrant was Sofia, her job was excellent my friend, the ceremony was really moving, not a dry eye! Friends and family participated in the ceremony with the warming of the rings, a really touching moment.

Jo Bertolino from TuscanPledges: You Know What I Mean!

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