Sigma 24mm 1.4 HSM ART review and samples.

Here we go with another review by my new Lens in my Bag. I’m happy to introduce you my experience with new 24mm 1.4 Sigma Art.

First Look:

Beautiful and heavy! Looks like the same 50 1.4 Art but a little bit smaller. On the touch the first impressions is of solid, quality and the weight  of 665g is manifestation of a very good costruction.

On the Camera:

What i’m looking for?! I just have the fantastic nikon 20 mm 1.8 for wonderful landascape and ultrawide pictures, but i’m looking for a wide lense also beautiful for my portraits and other wedding situation.
I’m in love with bokeh, and I was looking for a wide lens, very sharp and with a great bokeh, not so easy, the Best in this field is the 24 1.4 nikon, no doubt in this way but if you read this review you will see that you can save up for money with this lens that I have bought for around 800,00€ more or less!

As a wedding photographer, my point of view is for my situation “wedding” awarness, i love the vineyards and the hills ho tuscany were I can do lot of my weddings and this lens is fantastic for me, because I can compose as I want with couples and a great bokeh panorama.


As for the sigma 50 1.4 ART in my first shot I have observed problem of front focus, it was really visible when I compared the picture from live view ( very very very sharp ) and viewfinder ( not sharp ).
With the help of my trusty Spyder LensCAL I have adjust my camera body with fine-AF and I Have solved all the problems.

But now, let the pictures talk:

Sigma 24 1.1 HSM ART at f 1.4
Sigma 24 1.1 HSM ART at f 1.4
Sigma 24 1.1 HSM ART at f 1.4
Sigma 24 1.1 HSM ART at f 1.4
Sigma 24 1.1 HSM ART at f 1.4
Sigma 24 1.1 HSM ART at f 2.8
Sigma 24 1.1 HSM ART at f 4
Sigma 24 1.1 HSM ART at f 5.6
Sigma 24 1.1 HSM ART at f 5.6
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