Scottish Wedding at Casa Cornacchi

Here we go, I’m so happy to publish this post, I have always felt a special connection with Scotland; perhaps because when I was little I was struck by the figure of Alan Cumming in Bedknobs and Broomsticks or because after seeing Highlander I dreamed of the Highlands in their splendor… or in the end because when I was younger and I was a pilot I flew to the base of Lossiemouth and I loved every blade of grass of that land … but when I see a kilt and hear the bagpipes my heart begins to beat on the notes of Scotland the Brave. So now that I’m a wedding photographer you can imagine how exciting it is for me to find myself in the heart of Tuscany Countryside with a Scottish wedding.
Casa Cornacchi is also the perfect farmhouse with this mood wrapped in the Tuscan hills where everything becomes magical and timeless.
So, now, I leave you some credit and I start with the photos…

Venue: Casa Cornacchi, Thanks to Giacomo and all the staff
Celebrant: Jo Bertolino, her warm voice and her words always strike me at the heart;
Flowers: Spectacular setting, attention to every detail Stiatti Fiori

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