Lightroom Preset Review

Dear all;

I’m so happy to share with you this new experience for me; few days ago I received an email from sleeklens team, they offer to me to try their lightroom presets for wedding to have a readback and an opionion from me. So, let me say : Thank you, I’m very grateful to sleeklens for the estimate they gave me about my work.

About Me and My Post Processing

I’m a professional wedding photographer based in tuscany; take pictures and portrait it’s my life and what I love to do.
First of all it’s important I tell you I don’t use preset from supplier, I have my specific and personal concept about my postprocessing, for this reason, when I take a picture i take the shot thinking in which way I will post process that shot; And for this reason, it’s difficult apply a preset on my picture.
Another question is that i want offer to my customer an unique product and I have lot of experience with Adobe Lightroom.

SleekLens – What they Offer

They offer a full service both for professional and beginner photographer; they offer to you a complete workflow or a tool of lightroom presets and brushes with:

  • 112 Wedding Lightroom Presets + 23 Professional-quality Wedding Lightroom Brushes;
  • All the presets/brushes are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and Adobe Creative Cloud;
  • Work on both JPEG and RAW images;
  • Work on both Mac and PCs;
  • Easy to adjust to fit your own style;
  • Exclusive access to our private Lightroom Help and Tutorial Facebook Group;

Are they right for you?!

112 Wedding presets it’s a lot of preset to try them all, but i d0n’t have to make a review for any single brush or preset, I need to see how they work and if they can help you.
Now, if you are a beginner photographer or a professional photographer not too skilled with lightroom I think that this kind of preset are exactly what you are looking for.
This preset works great, and they offer to you lot of possibility, I’m sure you will find the closest to your style and you will easy adjust to fit your own style.
Another important thing is that these presets are made with reasoning, and if you want learn more about lightroom you can use this preset to study and improve your Lightroom skills.
Below some picture with my post processing and wedding preset from sleeklens, on the left you will find my version, on the right the same picture with sleeklens preset.

Let me say, I have found very fast some preset close to me and I really love their black and with so faded and so dreamy.

Here the link to Thine Wedding Workflow and Preset

On your left my post processed version, on your right the same pics wiht sleeklens preset applied.

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