Fuji Instax Review

Finally I can write a review of my new Toy, The Super Funny Fuji Instax 90 Mini.
As a Professional Destination Wedding Photographer, I’m use to have professional gear, that’s great I know but i was looking something funny fro a creative and recreational use, I though that a instant camera should be great but the question was, which camera?!

I have start to think about the Lomo Instant Camera, the main feature for me is the double exposure, with this mode you can put a picture on top another picture into the same film, it’s a very creative feature, but limo its bigger and not so easy to use, so I have discover this wonderful camera made by Fuji.
Fuji it’s easier to use, it has simple button on the rear where you can change mode, From Portrait, Landscapes, Double Exposure, Bulb for long exposure, you can decide if you wand lighter or darker pictures, you can set flash in various setting like red eye, no flash, flash ….

This camera has anything you need if you are an Expert Use or a beginner but at the same time it help you to make various creative effect and picture.

It works fine with High Light, Against the Sun and when is dark… LOVE IT!

The last Thing is that you have the instant print of your pictures and you can give and share immediately with your friends and parents…

Thats Simply GREAT!!!!!! I REALLY LOVE IT!!!

So if you are looking for a funny camera for party, travel, relationship, creative and recreative use i an suggest to you only one way.

So, when my Daughter told me to go out this morning for a portrait, I have decide that it was the right time to make a test of Fuji.
The gear of the the day was:

  1. My Trustily Ona Bag
  2. Fuji Film Instax Mini 90
  3. Nikon d750
  4. Nikon 58mm 1.4
  5. Sigma Art 24 1.4
  6. Notebook by Nikon For NPS photographer
  7. Pen ( Nikon Obviously )

All picture you will see in this review are taken with d750 + 58 1.4 or 24 1.4, at the end of the post the result of my consideration as pro vs cons.

001-fuji-instax 002-fuji-instax 003-fuji-instax 004-fuji-instax 005-fuji-instax 006-fuji-instax 007-fuji-instax 008-fuji-instax 009-fuji-instax 010-fuji-instax 011-fuji-instax 012-fuji-instax 013-fuji-instax 014-fuji-instaxfiji instax 90-1 015-fuji-instax 016-fuji-instax 017-fuji-instax 018-fuji-instax 019-fuji-instax



  • Dimension
  • Design
  • Easy to use
  • Creative use
  • Result
  • Style


  • Price ( fram 140,00€ to 150,00€ lomo is around 110,00€)
  • Price of films around 1,00€ for picture ( same films for the lomo)

Thanks for the review! Look very interesting!

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