F+P Wedding at Montelucci Country Resort by Federico Pannacci Wedding Photographer

Hi everybody, this one of latest wedding of the Season here in Tuscany; I live and work mainly in tuscany and it’s always wonderful have the chance to meet and live the atmosphere of new place were my couples take their Wedding.

For me, was the first time at Montelucci Country Restort; I really loved that place and its mood, exactlty what I love for my wedding interpretation.

As a Wedding Photographer in Tuscany, I need to reveal trough my color and interpretation not only the emotions of the day and the people but also the feeling with my motherland and its wonderful colors!

And now, let me send a huge hug to these guys, Francesca and Peter, they was so wonderful and I felt all their trust in my work;
So my friends, let me introduce this preview as a big big thank for the the time we spent together.


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