Engagement and Portrait Couple in Siena, Tuscany

Hi to All;
I’m so happy and excited to share with you this post,  behind this pictures there is a story very important for me.
When I started as wedding photographer I had the chance to study and collaborate in a workshop with one of the best Wedding Photographer in the world for me, Sum Hurd. At the same time, one of the other best photographer is also one of my best friend, Roberto Panciatici. They are both my friends and mentor.
This couple got married few years ago and their Photographer was Sam, when this year they decide to travel in italy they ask to Sam which photographer they can contact to have dome beautiful portrait here in Italy. Same gave our name, me and Rob and they decided to shoot with me and Rob, with Rob few days before than me.
This is the reason this post is very important for me, is not only a beautiful experience I want to share with you but is also a way to face with one of my two mentors.
The end of summer is a special period for me to shoot photos, the colors of summer merge with autumn mood, we took our session at the sunrise in Siena and I’m so happy to bring them also to drink the epic Espresso in one of the oldest Coffee Shop here in Siena, Café Fiorella close to Piazza del Campo.
Let’s go to the play, enjoy the pics


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