Engagement and Couple’s Portrait in Siena by Federico Pannacci Wedding Photographer

It’s from this winter I want to post this few pics taken last Autumn here in Siena; this service is not properly en engagement and also a service because this guys are two of my closest friends!
But it was a beautiful time we spent together at the Fortezza Medicea in Siena!
The fort built in the city between 1561 and 1563 is a huge piece of our story and from its bastions and walls it’s possible to see and incredible view of siena and its landscapes.
One of the most beautiful and place of my town, here is possible to find open space for gym, yoga, training or where people makes their daily running, the perfect place to take some shoot with cameras.
Photography Addicted Information: I used two cameras for this kind of service, my Leica Q  with its awesome 28mm 1.7 and my Nikon d810 with nikon 58mm af-s 1.4 

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