Dievole Natural Path

I’m a wedding photographer based not so far from Dievole, to be honest, my home is at the foot of Dievole’s hill… Chiantishire is my motherland, I’ve grown up running and playing to hide ‘n seek between the vineyards, this is one of the reason i’m in love for this landscapes and Dievole is one of the farm I love. So you can guess why when Dievole told me they want my photography for the roll out of natural path I was just with my photo bag ready and I was on the way. Surprise not finish here, the first official cyclist to run the path was Mario Cipollini, world champion, champion of the “tour de france”,”giro d’italia” etc… etc…
We was at the end of the may, very unusual all that rain, but my shotkit it’s professional and no fear for the rain, Nikon D4s is the best camera nikon ever made, and I was in Dievole, by their wine, there is not competition with any kind of weather…
So, thanks to Elena for her support and invitation to partecipate as official photographer, thanks to all staff from Dievole, thanks to Dino ( he is one of the staff of Dievole, but Dino is Dino! ), Thanks to the Owner and obviously Thanks Mario!
But now, what is Natural Path?! Is a fantastic path in middle of chiantishire and with wonderful and unusual landascapes where you and you MTB can visit the old territory of chianti classico and enjoy over the waves of the ground. The path starts with the easy way close to farm around 3km of runway or around 27 km in its total, it’s not only for MTB enthusiast or Professional, but also a fantastic adventure for family where you will visit the borgo and the animals of our land.

Here we go, some picture about the day

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